What you see here is the very last of my 2014 crop of Meyer Lemons from my two-year-old tree. You will recall from Dingbat Certificate that I had a whopping crop of 3 lemons. I still haven’t eaten it. Being the very last one, it must, for a while, be visually savored each time I open the ‘fridge door.

last 2014 meyer lemon-5965
Photo by Gary Jones



I should award myself a Dingbat Certificate. I went to all the trouble to mostly clean out the green house and then fill it with many of my favorite potted plants.

The weatherman threatens a hard freeze with the possibility of 9 hours of 28 degree temperatures in my neck o’ the woods. Tuesday, I ran around the yard with my “dead body” sheets to cover up the rest of my beauties until the yard truly did look like a crime scene.

My two-year-old Meyer Lemon tree, with it’s first fruits, was hauled inside the greenhouse after much dragging, grunting and groaning.

Meyer Lemon - first crop
Meyer Lemon – first crop
Three really huge lemons
Three really huge lemons
Used my hand to demonstrate size
Used my hand to demonstrate size

So what do I do? I forget to close two of the greenhouse windows. I forget to turn on the heater or any of the heat lamps. It would have been easier to leave everything out in the cold.