Remember that big box of plant loot I got from Meta’s? Need to refresh your memory, it’s the last photo here. I saw her on a Thursday and I planted the daylilies on Saturday. I cut off all but 3 inches of the daylily tops so they wouldn’t have to support all that foliage while re-establishing their roots.

There were so many daylilies in that copy paper box, I dug 27 holes and planted several daylilies in each hole. I made a semi-circle around the common milkweed (the tall mostly leafless stalks seen in these photos). I will plant more milkweed in that area next spring. Behind the milkweed, I planted three straight rows of daylilies. Here’s their growth progress over a three week period:

One week after transplantingNovember 7, 2015
One week after transplanting (that’s 3 clumps of Blue Daze behind the milkweed)
October 24, 2015


Second week after transplanting
Second week after transplanting (I hit them with some “blue” fertilizer)
October 31, 2015


Third week after transplantingNovember 7, 2015
Third week after transplanting (Yep, they are gonna make it!)
November 7, 2015

By the way, Meta grew all of these daylilies from proliferations on two of her daylilies. Proliferations are leafy shoots, sometimes with roots, that pop out on the scapes (bloom stalks) of a daylily. Not all daylilies produce proliferations but it’s a quick way to multiply your collection of a particular daylily that does produce them because proliferations are clones of the mother plant.