I had to give up ice cream. Our local grocery store, Publix, has a license to offer Denali Original Moose Tracks as ice cream and frozen yogurt. I always opted for the frozen yogurt because of calories. Considering that the taste is addictive, a lower calorie count is moot. You get the picture, right? Three bowls later, I berate myself about the calories, right? I stopped buying the Moose Tracks just before people looked at me and thought, “broad side of the barn”.

Instead, I drool down to the Dairy Queen once a week for a Mister Misty Lime Freeze.  This is a product that your DQ Confections Expert may not be familiar with because it dates back to the Baby Boomer ‘s youth. At some short-sighted moment in the DQ’s history, it was taken off the menu. No problem. I can tell these wrinkle-free Confections Experts just how to make it. Put a few squirts of that green goo in a cup. Add some ice, vanilla ice cream and blend. A divine concoction and the $4 price most certainly discourages me from pigging out.

Dairy Queen-0181
My Dairy Queen — drive-up or walk-up only
The building posts mimic ice cream cones

I headed to Atlanta for Mother’s Day weekend to see my sister, Priss. I’m not one for the journey. I much prefer the idea of Time Travel – you stand at Point A and are immediately whisked to Point B. Driving 6 hours just to get to Atlanta required incentives.

At the top of my incentives list was the DQ Mister Misty Lime Freeze. All along I-75, my searching eyes watched the road side billboards for Dairy Queen exit numbers. One of them I stopped at was brand new and I marveled at the clever advertising for Grill & Chill. I didn’t remember seeing that phrase at my DQ but if I was trying to get people to pull off the interstate at a wide spot in the road, I’d try clever phrasing, too.

This was an indoor restaurant version of DQ and they really should have posted a warning on the door. The minute I opened that door, hurricane force winds attacked my body. It was a Candid Camera moment. I flailed against the wind and looked around wildly for its source while wondering, “WHAT are they trying to do? Blow the bed bugs off me?”

I wasn’t far from the mark. Priss being a licensed architect, I asked her why the Dairy Queen tried to blow me out of the building before I even got in it. According to Priss, these gadgets are Air Curtain Fly Fans. The purpose is to supply a high velocity stream of air at an opening to prevent flies and other insects from entering the building. I can now add “insect” to the list of insults heaped upon me. The rest of you can go on with your day forewarned about Air Curtain Fly Fans, should you encounter one.