Mason Bees

Bee or Wasp on Butterfly Bush

My friend Karen, the beekeeper, knew of my interest in bumble bees and suggested I attend a presentation on mason bees. She swore bumble bees and mason bees were the same bee. I wasn’t convinced but I went.

Afterwards, she mentioned introducing me to the speaker, James D. Harden, a consultant with, because he liked my blog. She said this as though it were no big deal and immediately headed across the room towards him. It was too late to protest or look for the proverbial hole in the floor. I write my blog in relative anonymity and this was the first time I was being introduced to a flesh and blood reader who was a stranger to me. I was embarrassed. I write fluff and nonsense, for crying out loud. The last thing I wanted to experience was an introduction to someone who, no doubt, wanted to see what a real, live FOOL looked like.

I survived the experience and he actually had a couple of good ideas I’ll share with you over the next few days but I doubt that I’ll be putting out any mason bee houses. For starters, the mason bee on his slide show did not look a whole lot like a bumble bee. Worse yet, he said you have to harvest the eggs, or it might have been the cocoon, and put them in your refrigerator until next spring. You know that’s another one of those accidents waiting to happen. Nuh-uh. No way.