I love cherry tomatoes and grow them in both the spring and fall.

We have mostly mild winters in Florida. In the summer and fall, however, I would like to pack my bags and head north. The Thousand Islands on the U.S./Canadian border might be far enough north. I suspect those folks in the Thousand Islands don’t have cherry tomatoes ripening at their front steps in February. I do.

Cherry tomatoes in February


I even have blooms!

I threw a few seeds in a pot for my fall garden that didn’t happen. I later shoved the pot behind the liriope border at the front steps. I had the best of intentions of planting it inside a wire tomato cage in that flower bed but that didn’t happen either. It was watered but never fertilized, it was stepped on after it climbed over the liriope, it was covered with a sheet on a night that went down to 26 and, against all these odds, survived.

By the way, if you want to discover the world of tomatoes, Gene the Melon Man says there’s no better spot to hang out than Doc and Katies Garden Xandadu. It’s a friendly, generous and knowledgeable crowd who will teach you the difference between a pink and red tomato.