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Callaway Gardens

I’ve heard it said that travels broadens your mind, or your horizons or something along those lines. What they don’t tell you is what it does to your eyebrows. During my visit to see Miss Priss, I made a few discoveries that had my eyebrows shooting for my hairline. Let me know if you think it’s possible that (1) I spend too much time engrossed in the subject of gardening, and (2) harmless insanity might run in my family.

The day we visited Callaway Gardens, we stopped for lunch in Discovery Cafe, one of Callaway’s nine choices for dining. I could not find a “condiments bar” like you find at Chick-Fil-A and other fast food chains. All I wanted was a fork. As I stood there surveying the entire room, I finally saw a guy getting a fork from a dispenser mounted on a support column. If I hadn’t seen the fork tumble from the dispenser into his hand, I may have resorted to eating my salad with my fingers because I would have never ever looked on an architectural column for a fork. Especially a fork from a dispenser. You know you need to get off your block more often when you experience a moment of awe over a dispenser for plastic tableware. How many of you have seen such a thing?

The other and probably most momentous discovery involved Miss Priss’ diagnosis of my mental clarity. You’ll recall from Rock Hunting that she has a tea towel she hauls out when I visit. The one about parading crazy relatives on the front porch. Plus, she introduces me to people I’ve never met as her crazy sister. Why not let them form their own opinion? I might come off as delightfully eccentric rather than CRAZY. After one of my conversations with Priss, I’m not so sure about her sanity either. I complained that the humongous aquarium in her foyer had only one fish who was lonely.

“I know. I tell my husband the same thing about his foosh.”

My eyebrows shot up. “Foosh?!”

“He has to be a foosh, don’t you think, since the word fish usually refers to more than one?”

I didn’t say another word but I was thinking, “And she calls me crazy.”