Hibiscus Tropic Escape2-2130
Hibiscus ‘Tropic Escape’ purchased from the
Down-and-Out-but-Not-Quite-Dead Table at Lowes.
Hibiscus 'Tropic Escape' with Poppie's hand to show size of bloom
Hibiscus ‘Tropic Escape’
with Poppie’s hand to show size of bloom



sago palm new growth 1-1532

sago palm new growth 2-1533

sago palm new growth 3-1534

a few days later
a few days later
sago palm, male Mr. Beekeeper's yard
sago palm, male
Mr. Beekeeper’s yard
same sago palm different view
same sago palm
different view
sago palm, female bloom
sago palm, female bloom



I walked up to photograph the flowers and found these lizards instead

I walked up to photograph the flowers on this Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow bush and forgot all about it when I found these two lizards. The one on the left was doing that “throat thing” in the direction of the other one. When they became aware of my camera poking into their affairs, they froze and pretended that I couldn’t see them. Such a ridiculous action considering that both me and my camera were mere inches away.

Saturday Sidetrip

I tagged along with a friend to the Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Florida. My friend spent the day at the book festival but I slipped out between 11 and 12 because I couldn’t find a single presentation, out of the four offered, that warranted my sitting in their refrigerated rooms. What follows are random shots of things that caught my eye.