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An Overview and Origins of the Bubble Chair

If you have a look at any given bubble chair design, you would probably anticipate that it’s miles some thing that just currently passed off. After all, they seem futuristic with their translucent exteriors and putting design.


The reality, but, is distinct than you will think. The bubble chair truly originates from the 1960s. It become first conceived through Eero Aarnio, a Finnish dressmaker. The design is product of acrylic plastic, supported by a metal body.


For user consolation, the interior is typically lined with a cushion that can be upholstered with genuine leather, or a polyurethane cloth. The chair represents one of the most modern makes use of of plastic in fixtures layout.


It comes throughout as futuristic due to the affect that the 1960’s had on its design. With the neo-retro space age trends of that time period, the bubble chair becomes able to suit proper in with a cool addition to any psychedelic dwelling room.


The most not unusual type of bubble chair hangs from the ceiling to present the consumer a sensation of floating in a bubble, consequently the call. Another evaluation would be to study this chair as a sort of indoor hammock.


History Of Wassily Chair

At the give up of the nineteenth Century, a seismic alternate washed over the German steel industry—it was then that metallic manufacturer Mannesmann developed a innovative new manner to provide metal tubing, one which forever augmented its structural reliability. And here is where the tale of Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair begins—but earlier than venturing too far into the rich background of this iconic design, let us take a look at what introduced Breuer himself to imagine it.

Marcel Breuer

Breuer changed into born in Pécs, Hungary in 1902, and over the path of his life have become referred to as one of the most prominent architects and designers of the 20 th century. From 1920 to 1928, Breuer studied and taught at the Bauhaus school of layout in Weimar, Germany, launching his own architectural exercise in 1928 earlier than happening to the US in 1937 to teach at Harvard University. Once inside the U.S., Breuer and his Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius started designing stateside as nicely, which led Breuer to conceive the unique Madison Avenue Whitney Museum of American Art in New York (1966) and the headquarters for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, D.C. (1963–68), retiring from the practice in 1976. While the legacies of these edifices stay on nowadays, theirs continue to be inside the shadow solid with the aid of the Wassily Chair.

The Wassily Chair

With Mannesmann’s seamless metallic tubing, new packages of the cloth have been suddenly made feasible. In the bicycle business, this manifested in robust-but-light-weight motorcycle frames and handlebars that eased the minor shock waves that roads at the time reliably introduced. And positive enough, someday, at the same time as riding his metallic-framed Adler bicycle round Dessau, Germany, Breuer glanced down and become struck now not best by means of the technical efficacy of his car, but additionally by means of the shining curves of his polished handlebars—he returned with the beginnings of what would end up the Wassily Chair (1925), named after his friend and fellow Bauhaus member Wassily Kandinsky.

As Robert McCarter writes in Phaidon’s Breuer, “[Breuer] discovered to journey it by way of taking extended tours across the city. [He] turned into inspired by using his bicycle’s electricity and lightness, the end result of its being product of tubular metallic. This apparently indestructible cloth can be bent into handlebar shapes and will without difficulty assist the load of 1 or  riders; why then may want to it no longer be used for fixtures?” And so he started working designing the chair, bending steel this manner and that—a barely-there body that paved the manner for heavily produced seating that straddled aesthetics and functionality as but uncharted through the layout enterprise.

The chair itself stands as an logo of its time—new advancements inside the manufacturing of metal tubing made its design feasible (in truth, that is the first piece of fixtures that utilized the era), and a better exam of its materials will screen that the chair is made of most effective steel and the material or leather-based that comprises the seat and backrest. And but, it’s far from these substances that this supremely influential chair has sprung, with its sleek, pared-lower back, and ultra pragmatic silhouette—one which became capable of be produced at scale, in keeping with the accelerating industry of the 20 th Century. The Wassily chair sprung up inside the houses and design schemes of such Modern architects as Hans Scharoun, Robert Mallet-Stevens, and Aino and Alvar Aalto, the last of which noticed the chair as both an inspiration and a provocation for his bent plywood designs that would come later that century.

The coveted chair nevertheless holds traction for layout lovers and collectors alike, having received the Museum of Modern Art Award in 1968, with roaring achievement well into the 21st Century. For those trying to get their fingers on a Wassily Chair, the design can be purchased thru Knoll International, which since 1995 has taken over the manufacturing of the long-lasting design, with a charge tag of simply over $three,000.



If you need to capture a look this is at once timeless and sentimental, there’s no better way to do so than to deliver a mid-century cutting-edge (MCM) chair into your own home.

While there are some of famous designs to do not forget, one of the maximum iconic is the Womb chair & ottoman.

In this manual, we will introduce you to some of the best best options in the marketplace nowadays for a duplicate of the Womb chair & ottoman.

But first, allow’s talk a chunk approximately the history of the set, what capabilities make it one of a kind, and what you ought to search for in a high-quality replica.
This Finnish-American dressmaker lived from 1910 until 1961, and is famous for each his furniture and his homes.

Indeed, his maximum famous work might be the St. Louis Gateway Arch. He additionally designed the Washington Dulles International Airport.

While he turned into reading, he befriended Florence Knoll in addition to Charles and Ray Eames, all of whom had been additionally key figures in mid-century current layout.

After their research have been completed, those pals would continue to work together professionally.

In partnership with Knoll, Saarinen designed the Womb chair & ottoman, the Womb settee, the Tulip chair, the Grasshopper front room chair, and others.

Indeed, Saarinen made the Womb chair in solution to a request from Florence Knoll for “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows – some thing she could without a doubt curl up in.”


The Ultimate Guide To Chesterfield Sofa Styles and Which Is Right for You

The traditional sofa is arguably the maximum crucial piece of furniture within the residing room. So it’s critical to locate the proper one to your style and needs. But with so many special forms of sofas to pick out from, it could be difficult to understand that is right for you.

Similar to deciding on among a sectional or a sofa, deciding on a sofa fashion comes all the way down to comfort. But it’s additionally approximately the form of the sofa and how it works aesthetically with the relaxation of your residing room decor. For example, in case your living room has more conventional furniture, a conventional camelback sofa may make for a fashionable choice that blends right into your area as opposed to other couch patterns. Or if your dwelling space has a extra modern-day and commercial vibe, a tuxedo couch may be the appropriate sleek-and-sumptuous piece you want. Either manner, the couch style you pick out must play up a feeling of consolation and mirror the general fashion of your room.

Already thumbed thru all the sorts of sofas and recognise what you need? Check out our couch buying guide to ensure you’re spending wisely earlier than you purchase the piece, particularly in case you’re buying a settee on-line. Otherwise, read on for our roundup of the most commonplace kinds of sofas and why they might be perfect in your area.

The Chesterfield

When it involves sofa styles, the Chesterfield is tough to overlook. It’s said to were designed inside the 18th century for “gents to take a seat upright with out wrinkling the garment.” The greater modern and boxy tuxedo couch is derived from the Chesterfield.

The Bridgewater Sofa

For a traditional sofa that emphasizes most important consolation and an stylish form, try the Bridgewater. It has origins in England and changed into as soon as most of the maximum famous styles of sofas. It’s less common in houses now, but it’s nonetheless one of the most relaxed alternatives today.

The Lawson Sofa

It’s not sudden that the Lawson is one of the most famous varieties of sofas for circle of relatives homes. Low to the ground with a boxy silhouette, it first appeared within the early 20th century as a modern-day and cozy sofa layout that is a spinoff of the conventional tuxedo couch.

The Mid-Century Sofa

Out of all of the sofa patterns right here, you’re likely maximum familiar with the Mid-Century couch. Originating inside the Nineteen Thirties, the Mid-Century couch has been creating a sturdy comeback in current years given its minimalist aesthetic and smooth lines.

The Slipcovered Sofa

If you’re after the types of sofas that are durable and long-lasting, Slipcovered sofas are your great guess. It’s a sofa fashion that generally comes with a conventional frame, rounded fingers, and a fitted cloth cowl that can be taken on and off for cleaning. It’s all about function and easy care

The Settee

Essentially a wide chair, the Settee is like a loveseat but a whole lot narrower. In phrases of couch patterns, it truly leans conventional and it occasionally comes with a curved body that remembers a camelback sofa. If you’re after a lovely traditional perch, you can’t move incorrect with a Settee.

The Sleeper Sofa

The most compact and practical of all the types of couches to be had, the Sleeper couch is what we name a workhorse piece. It does double duty as a sofa and bed, so it tops our list as the sofa that does all of it.


seeds of coneflower Archives • Southern Rural Route

This is the  life cycle of a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) as I have witnessed it by playing with them for two years. When the leaves are at the size shown above, they come out of the pot and go in the ground. The leaves will grow to four times this size before a flower stalk emerges. The final stage is waiting for the cones to dry out and turn … Read More


coneflower bud Archives • Southern Rural Route

This is the  life cycle of a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) as I have witnessed it by playing with them for two years. When the leaves are at the size shown above, they come out of the pot and go in the ground. The leaves will grow to four times this size before a flower stalk emerges. The final stage is waiting for the cones to dry out and turn … Read More


Cast • Southern Rural Route

The Southern Rural Route is in a semi-rural neighborhood of one to twenty acres in Jacksonville, Florida (Zone 9b). Many of the neighbors have created family compounds but are living ordinary, suburban lives. The more interesting neighbors are doing the “rural thing” in some way — vegetable gardens, chickens or other critters.

Take the Garden Walking Tour of Southern Rural Route here.

The cast of characters on the Southern Rural Route are as follows:

Poppie – Worked in construction before retiring. Other than Mizz Chairman’s mobile home, every last house, garage, greenhouse, or hut was constructed by Poppie. He died on February 28, 2015, at the hands of a back surgeon who nicked his spinal fluid sack and hospital staff who didn’t know how to operate the “crash cart.”

Momma – Momma was still with us when this blog began but, sadly, she passed to God’s Kingdom on New Year’s Eve, 2012. She was always of the opinion that Mizz Chairman was a fine secretary with all her readin’, writin’ and spellin’ abilities but when it came to common sense, the poor child didn’t have a lick of it.

Mr. Beekeeper – has a wife, grown children, and a dog named Chance. For years, he had chickens but now keeps bees at his house and at the blueberry farm down the road which also has some cows. In his vegetable garden, Mr. Beekeeper doesn’t hill up his rows or weed, but amending his soil with all that chicken poop makes him the most successful veggie gardener in the ‘hood.

Country Boy – has a wife, two barking dogs, can’t hear worth a sow’s ear, and welds stuff.

Mr. Golf Cart – has a wife (Mrs. Golfcart), and until January 2013, a 300-pound pet pig who showed up in the dog’s cage when still a baby. The dog seemed quite happy with him so Mr. Golf Cart allowed him to stay on as “Piggie.” He might have been better served with a less obvious name like Bacon. Not that he ever became bacon. Piggie died of old age. Mr. Golfcart’s daughter, Georgie Golfcart, lives next door on the same 5-acre property. Mr. Golf Cart makes house calls in his golf cart and generally supervises whatever is going on in the ‘hood.

The Hippy – has a girlfriend, two earth movers, a really fast golf cart, a big lake with a white sand beach, and a remodeled 1940ish cottage he got from his Dad back in the 90’s and moved to his property. A free house is a real blessing.

Homer – he’s not real friendly with the rest of us but he has a real nice red tractor.

Mizz Chairman of the Garden writes this blog. As a working woman holding up the dumb end, she always wanted to be Chairman and CEO and thus claimed the title of Chairman of the Garden when she began this blog. Although she has been holding forth here for almost five years, she was never able to garner any respect as Chairman. Folks seemed more inclined to believe she orbited a slightly crooked moon.

Her first garden was a square foot garden with two raised beds as per Mel Bartholomew’s 1981 book, Square Foot Gardening. The actual size of the raised beds is lost in history as this was more than 30 years ago. Not that she can really use time as an excuse considering most things escape her memory, even yesterday’s lunch.

Square foot gardening was abandoned when she moved to the two-acre family compound where her parents already had a firm hold on vegetable gardening in a 70-by-something plot. Graciously, she relinquished her dominance over dirt to them. They retired from farming during her artsy years and the soil  languished without much thought until 2004 when gardening fever reared its head again.

First, the Fern Bed, an area that had been under siege by escapees from pots of fern, was reclaimed. The name, however, stuck. By 2008, the vegetable gardening began anew in a few large, plastic pots. The veggies abandoned the pots the next year and required ever more square feet each year until agreeing to reside within the limits of a 50 x 50 plot. Citrus, fig and persimmon trees are also on the property. Chickens would be great but Momma squashed that idea with such a vehemence that, to this day, Mizz Chairman is afraid to breathe the word “chicken” for fear Momma would put the spook on her.

Mizz Chairman is interested in artsy stuff, canning, soap making, sustainability, and organic veggie gardening. What’s a few bug lips on your produce in comparison to chemo and radiation?

Southern Rural Route Definitions

Orbiting the Crooked Moon – those who orbit the Crooked Moon suffer from a warped view of life causing friends and relatives to view them as C-R-A-Z-Y.

Old Crowitis – a condition that sometimes develops late in life causing a penchant for bright, shiny things (like a crow although research indicates crows aren’t really attracted to bright, shiny things).

Last updated September 16, 2016


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February 2017 • Southern Rural Route

The mental floss for the mind started with Zorro. He was outside in the cold trying to prove he was a Big Boy like Whiskey although Whiskey was not around to witness his heroism. When I opened the front door for the third time at 3 a.m., he dashed inside and ran for my bed. I was unable to go back to sleep because he was purring like an outboard motor with a bad set of spark … Read More

I love cherry tomatoes and grow them in both the spring and fall. We have mostly mild winters in Florida. In the summer and fall, however, I would like to pack my bags and head north. The Thousand Islands on the U.S./Canadian border might be far enough north. I suspect those folks in the Thousand Islands don’t have cherry tomatoes ripening at their front steps in February. I … Read More