Bubba found another crop of baby birds in his garage on a shelf, among the nuts and bolts. Bubba thinks they might be wrens. Photo by Bubba.

20 thoughts on “BUBBA’S BABY BIRDS”

  1. I miss having bird nests around! I’ve had to hand feed a few, and would totally do it again if necessary, but man…they’re like human infants. Every. Two. Hours. Zzzz…

  2. When I had wrens raising their kids in my house, I’d have a group of people drinking coffee in the kitchen, and mama bird would fly right over us to feed her babies…
    Can’t imagine what Bubba must have been doing that scared the mother bad enough to cause abandonment….
    May need to find that picture of the birds in my bedroom….

    1. Looks like the same birds we had. As for the Zebra Longwing butterfly in that same post, passion vines are the larval host for all the zebras. They supposedly like shade, too. Great butterfly photos, by the way.

    1. Stone — I stand corrected. I had never SEEN or HEARD of a zebra swallowtail. I checked the range map for them and they are supposed to be in Florida but I’m telling you, I have NEVER seen one. Beautiful butterfly!

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