Post last updated: April 3rd, 2018

Last updated April 3, 2018

close-up of sunflower bloom


Will you agree this is a beautiful sunflower?

It was not planted by myself, Bubba or Flip Flops. That leaves various critters fond of the sunflower seeds Bubba provides in the bird feeder. We know birds and squirrels frequent the bird feeder but have no knowledge of critters who sneak up to the feeder under moonlight. Based on the location of this sunflower, right up next to the wall, I’m guessing that landscape design is not on the critter curriculum of life skills.


sunflower planted right at the wall


I am grateful to have critters who garden as I have enjoyed this bright yellow bloom for days.


Close-up of central core of sunflower at end of bloom cycle. Photo taken on March 18, 2018.
Close-up of central core at end of bloom cycle
Photo taken on March 18, 2018.

8 thoughts on “CRITTERS WHO GARDEN”

  1. Is that blooming now?
    I had annual sunflowers up and tomato seedlings that the cats planted… frost got them last night…
    And… Beans, lets not forget the bean jungle….
    Nice if you’ve had that length of frost free time!

    1. Stone – Yes, it’s blooming now. The photos were taken today. Our winter was more harsh than previous years but most of February, or it seems like it, was in the 80’s. It turned nippy and windy this week and we were threatened with frost but I don’t think it ever happened. Good to hear from you.

  2. In my garden, titmice that eat sunflower seeds from a feeder ‘plant’ them and some sunflowers grew around a gazebo last summer.
    Happy belated women’s day!

  3. Linda – it is lovely! Of course I get weak in the knees over any sunflower. I like the yellow up against the blue siding – think it is a nice color combo – even if not the best placement. Little gardening critters – chuckle. xo kim

      1. We had a frost warning night before last. I placed a newly pot planted petunia buy the pond, since we haven’t had much of a winter. No frost, but temps dropped to 27* ….little petunia somewhat wilted, but this morning looks great. Lovely Sunflower by-the-way!

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