Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

I don’t mind a few imperfections but I have a psychological limit on what I will pay for those imperfections. I thought this melted wine bottle with numerous imperfections might make an interesting piece of hanging yard art. It did not have a price sticker at the thrift store. I took it to the cashier.

“I’m kinda interested in this but I have a psychological limit of $1.50,” I told her.

She came back with, “The lowest button on my register is $1.99.”

“Okay, that’s above my limit.”

She proceeds with ringing up my $2.99 item and announced it would be $1.79. At that point, I remembered seeing a sign that all green tag items were 40% off. Immediately, I renewed my bargain. “Can I have the wine bottle for 40% off?”

She pulled it back out from under the counter and sold it to me for $1.19. So I got it cheaper than their lowest cash register button when I had originally been willing to pay 30 cents more. Isn’t that crazy?

16 thoughts on “THRIFTY YARD ART”

  1. That’s a bargain! Wish I could do that at the grocery store. By the way, you asked about the standing stone in my last post. Yes, that is a rock in the woodland garden. It came in a pallet of rocks I bought. At first I put it on its side, but then I decided I liked it standing up. Best wishes and Happy New Year! Deb

  2. I don’t recall you pointing that piece of art out on any of my visits. Bargaining is always good.

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