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September 2015 • Southern Rural Route

Other blogs with gardening as a topic, such as Seattle Trekker, are always setting my snarl in motion by featuring plants I can’t grow here in Florida under any circumstances but they can often grow our stuff if they are willing to fuss with it. It ain’t right, I tell you. The Butterfly Vine, Yellow Orchid Vine or Gallinita is best suited for USDA Zones 8-10 where it remains … Read More

My friend Lam shared several different kinds of bulbs with me a while back and I planted all of them in the same area. A few days ago, as I was leaving the Southern Rural Route, I discovered this yellow Spider Lily blooming where I had planted her bulbs. It really catches your eye better than this photograph indicates. … Read More

The Mandarin Garden Club is again cranking up their social calendar after taking the summer off.  Who wants to garden in the heat and humidity of Florida? I consider myself saintly to even do maintenance during the summer. Tuesday, September 15, the Dogwood Circle met and I went because they had Terry DeValle, the Duval County Extension Agent, speaking on “Color in the … Read More

I haven’t posted here for several weeks but, trust me, any reports of my death are erroneous. I can envision how such a report might happen. Someone borrows your name, birth date and insurance card number to pay for an ambulance ride. At the hospital, they fall off the gurney, bang their head on the floor and croak. With your info on the chart, your next of kin get the call … Read More