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September 2014 • Southern Rural Route

We have had a LOT of rain lately. Buckets and buckets of rain. All kinds of mushrooms have been popping up around the yard. This was the weirdest of the weird. The mushroom top was 4 or 5 inches and the stem was a good 3 inches in width. … Read More

Tonya bought a new shovel – a drain spade and raved about it on her Facebook page, Seed & Gardening Exchange. I was intrigued as I am not particularly overwhelmed with the regular shovels we have on the Southern Rural Route. Research tells me that drain spades are used for digging narrow, deep ditches to drain agricultural land; digging post holes for fences; laying pipe; … Read More

It’s a treat to be an important visitor! Saturday, I was one of three Very Important Visitors who were invited to the Mandarin Garden Club plant and garden goodies swap which is a private event for club members. Also invited were Linda Cunningham of Cunningham Herbs and Tatyano Vaynberg, formerly of Trad’s Garden Center. I had so much fun with all the gals and, as always, one … Read More

This is news you can use. I’ve been under the care of a chiropractor for the last 16 months because of a car accident in 2011 that messed up my spine. I found, over time, that his treatments allowed me to work in the garden with less pain and grimacing. At my most recent treatment, I happened to mention that I had poison ivy. Or, at least, that was my best guess. I don’t … Read More

Text editing done in PicMonkey. … Read More