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September 2013 • Southern Rural Route

In 2012, I grew luffa sponge gourds for the first time. I didn’t really know what I was doing but that’s nothing new, is it? I followed the instructions of this website and my beekeeper friend, Karen, for harvesting the gourds. By the time I actually got around to the harvest, I had only one that was worth saving. The gourds had frozen on the vine a few times. Uncertain whether … Read More

All my life I have heard about digging to China. I have also heard that if you dig deep enough you will hit rock. In Florida, I have grave doubts about taking on a digging project. Florida sits on limestone and I suspect I would dig myself to China before finding any rocks. Still, I have wanted landscaping rocks in my garden for a long time. I became a homeowner on the Southern … Read More

Well, almost a silent Sunday. I do need to say a few words. I am, after all, of the female persuasion and females are never at a loss for words. The first time I ever saw this plant was last October at the Mandarin Garden Center. I was there for a Duval County Extension Agent class on Fall Gardening. At the end of the class, to our surprise, the Mandarin Garden Club offered … Read More

My first introduction to Perennials for Every Purpose: Choose the Right Plants for Your Conditions, Your Garden, and Your Taste by Larry Hodgson (2003) was finding the 2000 edition on the shelves at the library.  The majority of Amazon reviewers give this book a five-star rating. I agree. The book was written and edited by Rodale Press before they apparently fired all their … Read More

I harvested seven small persimmons on September 1, 2013. If I don’t, the critters start chewing on them. … Read More

I captured a wonderful shot of a praying mantis on my Mexican Sunflowers but managed to delete the photo. It was the kind of mistake anyone can make when they forget to reformat the compact flash card. Except that most people are smarter than me. It’s a wonder that society allows me to roam freely without a keeper. A few days later, I was back out at the Mexican Sunflower with … Read More