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September 2012 • Southern Rural Route

All photos in this post were provided by my friend Lynn.   … Read More

Shannon Hayes in her book Radical Homemakers quotes author Erik Knutzen (The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City) as saying “For me, it’s the difference between being a citizen and being a consumer. A citizen is someone who is self-actualized. A citizen is someone who can do things themselves, maybe not be self-sufficient, but can … Read More

Evie always seems surprised that I have other friends. While she is very direct in her assessment of me — “you fool,” other friends are politely vague —  “you live an interesting life.” Interesting, indeed. With great regularity, I am challenged by events that don’t happen to normal people. Momma claims that before I jumped out of the plane for this earthly existence, I … Read More

Around the time I adopted Big Foot, a gray cat would come out from under the house to beg for food.  I was somewhat alarmed and began babbling aloud, “Where are all these cats coming from?” It had been six years since the last of my two indoor cats went to meet his maker and I decided not to replace them due to bad allergies. During those six years, we had no stray cats show … Read More

This was my first year playing with gourds – birdhouse gourd and an ornamental mixture of gourds (Ferry-Morse seeds) as well as luffa sponge gourd seeds from my beekeeper friend, Karen. The birdhouse and ornamental mixture seeds quickly sprouted and climbed up the trellis strings. The luffa seeds sprouted but sat there and thought about whether or not they wanted to grow. Some … Read More