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October 2015 • Southern Rural Route

I have begun to use my 2015 crop of Meyer lemons. This year’s crop of 5 is bigger than the 2014 crop of 3.  I am looking forward to a larger crop each year. That is not a weed in the lemon pot. It’s a naturally occurring fern whose name I can’t remember.   What I have always liked about the Meyer lemon is the less astringent flavor. It doesn’t have the “pucker to the … Read More

Orbiting the Crooked Moon as I do, I’m always having these “adventures” I would just as soon not have. Yesterday was no different. I headed south to visit with one of my blog’s first subscribers, Meta. I ran into more than my share of T-stops that had so much signage I couldn’t see the name of the street or either the name of the T-stop was different than it was supposed to be. … Read More

Zorro has entered the Terrible Twos and is good for at least two good laughs a day. Whenever I hear a loud noise coming from the direction of his last known location in the house, I holler, “What have you down now???” Immediately, a wail arises that, if translated, would probably mean “I didn’t do it!”   … Read More

It has been a rough year for departures. First, Poppie. Then a Houston friend of 30+ years. This morning, I found Big Foot in the middle of the grassy area that used to be Momma and Poppie’s vegetable garden. Something had torn out his left haunch and he crossed the rainbow bridge sometime in the night. I didn’t shed a tear. I don’t think I can feel anymore. … Read More