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October 2014 • Southern Rural Route

Shrimp plants are native to Zones 8 through 11. In frost-free areas, they bloom continuously and look good planted as a mass in perennial beds or borders. It does well in full to part sun but must be watered generously in the summer. In winter, it might disappear below the ground but comes back strong in warmer weather. The red, white and yellow shrimp plants have oddly angled … Read More

Monday, October 20, about 25 of us from the Mandarin Garden Club descended on the home of Jacksonville’s Jim Love of Ace Hardware Nursery. His back yard is full of cacti and succulents and a few other plants that strike his fancy. Most of his backyard was in shade but he found that he had no trouble growing his plants in low light. Mr. Love admitted right away that he doesn’t … Read More

I bought three of these glass bowls at a garage sale to use as pet food bowls. Notice the pretty gardening design in the glass. Why spend $2 or more to buy a PLASTIC pet food bowl when you can easily find glass bowls at garage sales for 25 cents each? Our beloved pets have no more business eating out of plastic than we do. Plastics are endocrine disruptors with chemicals … Read More

The Southern Rural Route is a deep, narrow lot at least 400 feet in depth. I live about 200 feet into that depth. In order to leave the property, I must lock and double bolt my door, cringe in pain (2011 auto accident) as I heave what’s left of me down 3 steps. I then walk 50 to 80 feet (guesstimate) to the garage, unlock it, raise the garage door, back my car out, turn it … Read More

Let me confess. I got a new kitty and even though kitty does no gardening, he must be introduced as the newest resident of Southern Rural Route. With my cat allergies and vet bills being what they are, a new kitty was not the wisest of acquisitions. But, Poppie took over the care and expense of Big Foot and my other stray, Whiskey, preferred to stay down at Poppie’s to beat up … Read More

I have lived in Florida most of my life and was certain it was paradise on earth. Now, cough—choke—sputter, I’m not so sure. Those signs proclaiming “Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State” really don’t tell the whole story. “Sunshine State” sounds like Paradise, of course, but I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. All that sunshine creates … Read More