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October 2013 • Southern Rural Route

The first thing I noticed on arrival at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens was the amazing contrast used in their plantings. Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ 2004 exhibit featured internationally acclaimed artist Dale Chihuly. Two of his glass sculptures remain at the gardens. Near the Earth Goddess in the Cascades Garden, I saw this interesting Leopard plant: And this … Read More

Poppie and I drove up to Atlanta to visit my sister Diane over the weekend of October 19. While there, we saw the Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger Than Life exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This was the “first major exhibition of its kind to be shown in the United States” by the International Mosaiculture of Montreal which was created in 1998 to launch a mosaiculture … Read More

I found the best book ever for helping you with season-spanning, continuous blooms in your perennial garden design: The Ever-Blooming Flower Garden: A Blueprint for Continous Color by Lee Schneller (Storey Publishing, 2009). It’s divided into four parts: Part 1 – Creating your blueprint and buying all the plants Part 2 – Case studies of five gardens Part 3 – Her plant … Read More

I embrace all colors but my two favorite colors are navy blue and purple. Momma, however, had a list of colors that were totally unacceptable for any use. She didn’t like anything orange or brown, especially in clothing, and was forever trying to snatch out my yellow and orange flowered canna. I can’t tell you how many times she told me “never come home with a red car.” I … Read More

I’m not believing this. Yesterday’s mail brought more rock seeds, er, rock seed. It’s just one but it’s a big ‘un, about 5-1/2 by 4-1/4 inches. I guess rock seeds from the mountains are bigger than those you get elsewhere. Don’t ask me. This whole rock seed thing is new to me. Duncan, who sent the rock seed, said it came from Cuchara, Colorado, on the eastern slope of the … Read More

Meta sent me some new photos from her garden. You will remember her from Meta’s Garden.  Three of the photos were of red-blooming bromeliads under the shade of a palm tree. One of the bromeliad photos had me gawking and banging my keyboard as fast as I could type to ask, “What is that plant that looks like a hosta? I thought we couldn’t grow that here.” If she was growing … Read More