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October 2012 • Southern Rural Route

Hurricane Sandy and that arctic front brought wind and cold weather to North Florida which is preferable to what it did in New England but, here’s the thing: I’m a wussy when it comes to cold. So, of course, I was required Monday to put in an appearance at a few downtown buildings where the air-conditioning was still running full blast despite the wind and 56°. I know, I know. … Read More

Like I did with the purplehull peas, I thought I would show you the progression of growth — from seed to harvest — with turnip greens. On September 8, 2012, I planted Burpee Signature’s Purple-Top White Globe Turnip seeds. This growth progression is for the turnip greens only. Momma will eat the turnips but I don’t so I was only interested in the growth of the … Read More

Over at A3acrefarm, Marcia posted an article entitled “You Old Crank” and I had to snicker when her readers talked about their Momma’s old-fashioned food grinders. My Momma had one, too, and I wanted it. I also wanted to make sure that it was in my possession before Momma happened to pass from this world. I have a brother and a sister who might lay claim to it but when my niece … Read More

Sometimes our family members fail to tell us the important things in life and we stumble on them by ourselves. Today, I went out to the greenhouse to get a shovel for a “pink” section I’m putting in an empty flower bed. What do my eyes spy but freshly disturbed soil with a cross marker. I must admit I stopped in my tracks to consider it because it was long enough for a human. … Read More