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November 2015 • Southern Rural Route

Meta sent me some photos for the blog because my camera died.  Currently blooming at Meta’s: She particularly likes her purple blooming bromeliads because they bloom a few times during the year in her Zone 9 garden yet they don’t require a lot of fussing over.  She said they can take part sun, part shade, but a bit more shade. Starting out with a one gallon pot, she … Read More

Tuesday I went with some of the ladies from Mandarin Garden Club on a field trip to Eat Your Yard. It’s a local, heavily wooded 40-acre farm run by Tim Armstrong to provide cactus and succulents to the wholesale market but he also has edible garden plants, a few farm-raised tilapia, chickens and rabbits. He was also affiliated with a garden project on the grounds of a school … Read More

Remember that big box of plant loot I got from Meta’s? Need to refresh your memory, it’s the last photo here. I saw her on a Thursday and I planted the daylilies on Saturday. I cut off all but 3 inches of the daylily tops so they wouldn’t have to support all that foliage while re-establishing their roots. There were so many daylilies in that copy paper box, I dug 27 holes and … Read More