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November 2013 • Southern Rural Route

I’m telling you, I can’t get any respect from my relatives. Just the other day, Poppie told me something I wanted to do — that would benefit him financially — was crazy. He was most emphatic about it, too. CRAZY! You would think I orbit a moon that hangs slightly crooked and therefore suffer from a warped view of life. When I indirectly suggest to him that some of my friends … Read More

I started my Fall and Winter vegetable garden with the usual straight rows and little wooden markers to identify what was planted in the rows.  I don’t know what got into me but at some point, I stopped using the little wooden markers. I promised myself that I would remember what I had planted where. I failed to remember that my memory isn’t worth squat. Besides, I had been … Read More

I first saw Lion’s Tail, or Lion’s Ear, probably ten or fifteen years ago in Southern Living Magazine. It’s a bush that grows in the 6-foot tall range and can be 1.5 to 3.5 feet wide with tubular orange flowers in tiered whorls.  At the time, I was trading seeds with little old ladies through the Georgia Market Bulletin. I managed to get a few seeds through a trade but the … Read More

A persistent problem for Florida gardeners when trying to find a good perennial book is that more than half of the plants an author suggests won’t grow here. That list is long – Astilbe, Hosta, Peony and many versions of attractive pine trees won’t grow beyond Zone 8. There IS a book for Florida gardeners – Your Florida Guide to Perennials: Selection, Establishment, and … Read More

I have seen butterfly chrysalis on the internet but never in my own yard. It was one of those “whoa!” moments. I was out in the wind and cold (54 degrees) today putting the last of my plants to bed. The porch plants went in the greenhouse and I walked around deciding what needed to be covered with one of my “dead body” sheets. In the Fern Bed, I discovered a neglected pot of … Read More

I recently emailed my sister, Ms. Priss, to see if she wanted a few garlic chive seeds from my garden. I got the usual “I just don’t have time.” She must not have seen Momma plant seeds. Granted, she didn’t live around Momma for close to Forever so she might have missed this simple planting method. It’s the kind of thing that old women like Momma and Ruth Stout thought of as a … Read More

When my sister, Ms. Priss, invited me to Atlanta to see the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, she was horrified to learn of my desire to go rock hunting while there. I guess she thought I would want to do something cultural like the High Museum. What can I say? I need a decent rock collection more than an infusion of high brow art. I must admit to oohing and ahhing over these very … Read More