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May 2017 • Southern Rural Route

Over the Memorial Day Weekend,  my friend Cee was in High Point, North Carolina where she visited the butterfly farm, All-A-Flutter. It appears, from the website, to be a private farm with a large screened-in area for the butterflies. Cee shares the following photographs: MONARCHS  IN  THE  BUTTERFLY  HOUSE         FEEDING BUTTERFLIES A common … Read More

At lunch in early May, I mentioned to Cee that I was having problems with my hummingbird feeder that had not been a problem the previous two years. Ants were getting inside and drowning in the sugar water. I did not want to feed ant germs to the hummingbirds. I was surprised she had a solution because it seemed like a bizarre problem. She said I needed an ant moat (retailers … Read More

I’ve been racing against the clock since the first of March trying to get all my flower beds weeded and covered with new mulch before Memorial Day. After that date, it is too hot to work out in the yard and I become an air-conditioning fanatic. Heat in the upper 90’s is bad enough but down here in the South, we get this additional ingredient called humidity. That stuff makes … Read More