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May 2016 • Southern Rural Route

As a fund raiser, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens put on a Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour over Mother’s Day weekend, May 7 and 8. In exchange for a hefty ticket fee, you were allowed to politely tromp around the front and back yards of “Atlanta’s finest private gardens.” In the event you were to think that you could do anything more than a polite tromp, they had an off-duty … Read More

I had to give up ice cream. Our local grocery store, Publix, has a license to offer Denali Original Moose Tracks as ice cream and frozen yogurt. I always opted for the frozen yogurt because of calories. Considering that the taste is addictive, a lower calorie count is moot. You get the picture, right? Three bowls later, I berate myself about the calories, right? I stopped … Read More

My brother Bubba is around more these days because he’s renovating Poppie’s house for himself and his wife. He’s a birder, among other things. He also has a better camera and better photography skills. He set up his camera near the Triangle Bed with a long lens and a remote program on his iPad that allowed him to shoot photos from the back porch. Bubba claims this bird is the … Read More