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May 2015 • Southern Rural Route

This is Becky B. and her bunny. Those of you who read the Comments already know Becky as the Gypsy. Frankly, I don’t know whether she is descended from gypsies or just fancies herself one. I do know she orbits the Crooked Moon. Most people have cats and dogs for pets. Not Becky. She does bunnies. Becky claims that bunnies are very much like cats – great personalities and they … Read More

Three years and three months ago, Meta found my blog and subscribed. That makes her almost a “charter” subscriber because I began writing the blog only two-and-a-half months earlier than her subscribership. Back in the old days, she commented on my posts more than she does now. I guess she became bashful. Meta even came to meet me which you can read about at Garden Visitors. … Read More

Now that it is spring in the morning and summer at noon here in Florida, all three cats choose to stay outside. I have very bad allergies (4 allergy shots each month) and happen to be deathly allergic to cats so I am happy with their choice. Sometimes Big Foot or Zorro choose to spend the night with me. The two strays, Big Foot and Whiskey, have over-eaten their way into … Read More