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May 2014 • Southern Rural Route

Sometimes sleep evades me. Or I stay up too late reading a good novel. Or surfing the web. Now retired, I figure I can sleep in. However, the people I live among have their own issues and internal clocks and they botch my plans to sleep in. I have a few examples to share. In mid-May, Poppie and I went back to Atlanta to see Miss Priss and attend a patriotic show her church … Read More

Last year, when I shared my new daylily purchases with you, I mentioned in Garden Tips — Daylilies that two of them did not bloom. This year they did: I found both Ryder Country Daylilies and Daylilies of the Valley through Facebook and was very happy with the quality of the daylilies I received from them. I shared this one last year, too, but I took another photo of it … Read More

Found a really good website that explains this mushroom: … Read More

Ms. Priss introduced me to Japanese Kousa dogwood trees. I had never before seen or heard of them because they grow in Zones 5, 6, 7 and 8. In Atlanta, they bloom about a month after the other dogwoods and for about 6 weeks, gradually fading to pink. Oddly, they produce an edible red fruit in the fall which is favored more by birds than humans. Here are some additional facts on … Read More

For those of you with a few rubberstamping or scrapbooking supplies, it is very easy to turn your pretty flower and garden photos into custom postcards. These directions assume you have your own color printer and want to use it for printing. Alternatively, you can use a photo processing lab if you don’t mind risking the muse running off. The objective is to cut 4 postcards … Read More

You will find that Plantiful: Start small, grow big with 150 plants that spread, self-sow, and overwinter by Kristin Green (2014 Timber Press) is a fabulous picture book of possibilities for the winter months when you can’t garden outside. With this book, you will be able to garden in your imagination. With my focus on perennials, I was already headed in the direction … Read More

I’ve heard it said that travels broadens your mind, or your horizons or something along those lines. What they don’t tell you is what it does to your eyebrows. During my visit to see Miss Priss, I made a few discoveries that had my eyebrows shooting for my hairline. Let me know if you think it’s possible that (1) I spend too much time engrossed in the subject of gardening, and … Read More