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March 2014 • Southern Rural Route

I don’t know everything I should know about gardening.  I am not a Master Gardener and I don’t want to contemplate becoming one because you have to do phone work afterwards to pay for their investment in you. Hate phone work. It happens that when you don’t know what you should know about gardening, you garden mostly by experiment. Highly unscientific experiments that are … Read More

Remember those childhood days when you screeched at some recalcitrant relative, “I’m telling Mom!”? After Momma passed to Glory, it was necessary for me to choose another Mom-like figure for such threats. I chose our family’s iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove, Miss Priss (my sister). I was in Poppie’s kitchen the other night trying to prepare a cake mix on the same counter as his … Read More

I can’t exactly do one of my Silent Sunday photos on Thursday so how about a Thilent Thursday? Trying saying those two words out loud. Your tongue gets all tangled up but hey, you needed a challenge today. Sharing a photo I took this morning of Momma’s pink camellia in Poppie’s front yard. … Read More

I hate crowds with a passion. However, I’m a horse freak in the sense that I have great admiration for their beauty. It is not necessary for me to own one and our two acres wouldn’t really support a horse. Mr. Golfcart, however, has a four acre pasture and nary a horse. I talked Poppie into going with me to Anheuser-Busch to see the Clydesdales on March 8th. It was a lovely day … Read More

My favorite sister, Miss Priss, who happens to be my one and only sister (except for my adopted sister, Evie) is not a “regular” on the Southern Rural Route because she currently lives in another state. Miss Priss has a perfectly ordinary 1950’s name like mine but it doesn’t fit her. Momma always said she had an iron fist in a velvet glove. I went along with that assessment as … Read More

I hate going into big box lumber stores. Mostly because I don’t know the name of the something I want to buy. That ranks right up there with telling the mechanic your car’s making a “boinkety boinkety” noise. Or going to the feed and seed store with all those cowboys and farmers standing around and you want to buy alfalfa but you don’t know squat about alfalfa. You just know … Read More