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March 2013 • Southern Rural Route

On the way to the butcher’s shop, this caught my eye — an immaculately kept home with colorful petunia window boxes. My photos don’t do it justice. Here’s a view of most of the house. A sun room is hidden behind the palm tree. Both the grass and that oak tree in front of the middle window box will green up more as it gets warmer. Here’s the sun room that was hidden … Read More

You just can’t get decent free help. No matter how much someone may want to help you deep in their heart, when the appointed hour nears, they find excuses to scratch themselves from your calendar. The original plan was for Evie to help me empty the greenhouse on Saturday, March 23. Evie hates anything involving dirt, so she conjured up a couple of funerals she suddenly … Read More

I have not been in the garden. Daytime temps in Florida have remained in the 40s and 50s and in the 30’s at night. Being a weenie when the humidity freezes, I am not encouraged to wander outside to trip over an Adventure in Dirt. This resulted in nothing to report until I went into the craft store, A. C. Moore. I was there at the prodding of my friend, The Grande Poobah, who … Read More

Sunday, I was zipping along in the Terminator (my automobile) on my way to Miss Vicki’s house because she wasn’t going to be at Bible Study on Monday and she usually brings me the Sunday newspaper ads and coupons. I was about halfway there when my lower jaw almost fell in my lap. This is what I saw in someone’s front yard: These azaleas were in deep shade even at high noon and … Read More

I stumbled onto these HUGE plastic planters in Tuesday Morning. They have apparently received a big shipment of ceramic planters, plastic planters, and all the tin yard art ornaments that make us drool. None of which were bargains except these green plastic planters which were also available in a taupe and a white/grey speckled colors. These planters are 16″ in diameter and 14″ … Read More

The Jacksonville Orchid Society sent me this beautiful postcard to announce their orchid show for next weekend, March 9 and 10. It will be held at the Garden Club of Jacksonville, 1005 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, FL from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I went last year and can attest to absolutely beautiful orchid displays. You can also buy orchids and have them potted right there for a … Read More