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June 2017 • Southern Rural Route

Daylilies are perennials considered to be evergreen, semi-evergreen or dormant. The foliage of evergreen daylilies stays green all year. Semi-evergreen has foliage that can be evergreen or dormant depending on the garden location where it is grown. Dormant foliage dies back in the winter and reappears in the spring. From central to south Florida, a dormant daylily may not … Read More

Florida has four box turtles – the Common, the Eastern, the Gulf Coast and the Three-toed. Along with the gopher tortoise, the box turtles are land turtles who wander through woods, fields, and gardens. Land turtles can live 150 years to the 70 years of a sea turtle unless, of course, you see one trying to cross the road and you do the turtle a “favor” by dropping them in a … Read More

The North Florida Daylily Society went on a daylily buying trip Saturday, June 10, and I went with them. Initially, I did not plan to go because I don’t do well in the heat but Martha and the cloudy/rainy/cooler weather we have had changed my mind. Dormant daylilies do not do particularly well in Florida although some of us stubbornly try to grow them. This is where modern … Read More

Ginny and I have always joked, morbidly, about being killed by green, tightly closed pinecones falling from our trees. She dubbed them greenies. There are several reasons that pinecones fall: Over production by the tree Damp conditions (closed scales) Drought conditions (open scales) Windy conditions Stress (tree is dying) Squirrel bombings Don’t … Read More