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June 2016 • Southern Rural Route

Buying a used car is tricky business. We worry about the previous owner’s maintenance of the vehicle. We worry it was banged up in a wreck. We worry the car might be a lemon. Seldom do we worry that a car was an accessory to crime (see Myrtle It’s A Haint) because it doesn’t occur to us that a car would do such a thing. Even if we select a car without suspicious stains or … Read More

I promise this is a field trip you don’t want to miss. Part 1:  Head over to Deb’s Garden here to visit the Jim Scott Garden. Her wonderful photos will whet your gardening appetite for more. Part 2:  Now head over to YouTube to see Absolutely Alabama’s visit and interview with Jim Scott: This video has a lot of overhead shots … Read More

Before I left for Atlanta, I was eating bush beans out of my garden. I like the taste of bush beans better than pole beans. I instructed my brother Bubba to pick beans while I was gone. I assumed this would be a simple task since both he and my sister are smarter than me. I was wrong. I returned to string beans that would have qualified for The Guinness World Record in giant … Read More

The American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) is the national organization of daylily enthusiasts. As a member, I had been wanting to visit a local display garden. Seeing that my own daylily blooms were on the wane, I knew it was “now or next year” so I contacted the display garden nearest me, Martha’s Madness. Martha exuded that Southern charm you’ve always heard about. I love … Read More

Georgie Golfcart, Mrs. Golfcart’s step-daughter, found a wonderful trellis idea on YouTube. Although Mr. Golfcart built these trellises for the veggie gardens of both Georgie and Mrs. Golfcart, I feel like any woman could easily build these by herself, if necessary.     The trellis is constructed of ½ inch emt pipe (check or for “emt” … Read More