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June 2014 • Southern Rural Route

Found these in the garden this morning. I was able to recognize these as Chinese Yellow Cucumber from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Most of what is in the garden this year is a mystery but I’m not really up to explaining the mystery. It would require an admission of the depth to which my stupidity plummeted. Baker Creek seems to think these will grow to 10 inches. At four inches, … Read More

On Monday, I noticed two hummingbirds working the Blue Black Salvia in the wildflower bed across from my porch. There was probably a good ten feet between them and my rocking chair on the porch. This was good. You will recall from Birdfeeder that I don’t like these insect birds getting too close. Yesterday, I was standing on my porch fussing over a potted petunia on the … Read More

Like most gardeners, I have a lot blooming right now. I worked up a sweat taking these photos because the humidity today, according to the weatherman, will make it feel like 100. Here are some of the highlights:   … Read More

We gardeners like to be with each other.  We join garden clubs locally and online, write or follow blogs, join seed swaps and talk shop on Facebook. What we don’t think about in our interactions with each other is how much we influence one another. The other day I was in a small-box discount chain store  to buy dirt, the only item on my shopping agenda. Until I made the mistake … Read More