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June 2013 • Southern Rural Route

My sister lived in a suburb outside New York City for many years. She swore they did not have lizards but I’ve never believed it. I suspect it’s one of those little white lies she enjoys holding over my head because, when we were kids, me and my brother chased her around with a roach in a match box. She has an unnatural fear of roaches. A lot of people won’t garden because of … Read More

I’m not any good at growing onions as this photo attests. This has been going on since the fall of 2011 when I went onion crazy with a garden full of all kinds of onions. In the fall of 2012, I planted every single one of these burgundy onions too deep and they did not bulb. This was after taking a Duval County Extension class where Mary Puckett stressed  that onions should not … Read More

Leigh’s bromeliad collection beats the socks off of mine. Look at these beauties: I saved the best for last. This one makes me swoon. … Read More

I have been looking at that bean patch with the dread of someone facing the firing squad. I just did not want to go out there and pick ‘em.  Nor did I want to hear Poppie screeching at the dinner table, “Beans again?” So I put it off a day. Then another and another.  Today I sat in my rocking chair on the front porch sipping some lemonade while glaring at those beans. Finally, … Read More

I bought one package of Balsam seeds at Dollar General last year at their end-of-season half price sale. Most of Dollar General’s seeds are three-packages-for-a-dollar and once they go on sale, they become an outright steal. An idiot like me will buy ANYTHING at that price. Even Balsam. It didn’t matter that I had never heard of Balsam. I forged ahead in my lunatic fashion and … Read More

P.S. to my regular readers: I often go back and update my posts. For instance, my post on sago palms has new photos. … Read More