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June 2012 • Southern Rural Route

To thwart bugs, I have my two cantaloupes up on tuna cans. These are the very first cantaloupes I have grown since I began growing food in 2008. The variety is unknown. The seeds came from a grocery store cantaloupe saved by my Dollar General friend. Everyone should have a Dollar General friend.  Obviously, I met her in Dollar General in that casual way that you talk to … Read More

Tropical Storm Debby dumped eighteen inches of rain on my neck of the woods. During the storm, I watched rivers of running water flow past my humble abode on their way to forming a lake behind the shed at the edge of my vegetable garden. Thankfully, we had no damage but I was still despondent over losing the majority of my flower seedlings I had nurtured from seed. They … Read More

Prior to an April 2011 auto accident, I was able to manage my vegetable garden by myself. My injuries from that accident prevent me from doing the really heavy work so I call on Poppie and friends. Only really, really good friends will help because garden cleanup when you are switching from one season to another is dirty, hard work. Evie, of “I don’t do dirt” fame, came … Read More

Just as I got out of the shower Monday morning, I heard Poppie beating on my porch or my railings, I couldn’t tell which but it makes a very different noise from someone knocking on the door. This has always been his preferred method of rooting me out of the house. I quickly jumped into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to cover my essential nekkidness and opened the door. Big … Read More

Would you look at this mess? This is my tater patch which has two rows, each 24 feet long. It has a pineapple plant, a watermelon plant, and a bunch of sweet potato vines. Obviously, it’s trying to trash my reputation as a Better Homes & Garden gardener. There’s not much I can do about it being over-run with Dollar Weed. That’s just a given. You can’t kill the stuff. That … Read More

In late January, I attended a seed starting class at the County Extension Office. We were given a seed tray with 50 cells already filled with seed starting medium and enough seeds to fill each of the 50 cells. I suspect the seeds were free from seed companies as the majority of them were hybrids. I hate hybrid seeds because you can’t save seeds from them. I was also hugely … Read More