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July 2015 • Southern Rural Route

Decorating should be a younger woman’s territory. Younger than me, anyway. Yet, I found myself in rapt, slack-jawed attention back in 2014 when I discovered LiveWellNetwork’s DIY Knock It Off! on PBS (see the videos here.) Every week, Monica and Jess took on hapless homeowners who couldn’t figure out how to decorate on a dime. Several months ago, just after Richelle’s “new” … Read More

Everyone who sets foot on my covered porch feels compelled to tell me that I have wasps nesting on my aluminum porch cover. They are usually shocked to discover that I allow the wasps to return, year after year, because they are pollinators. Don’t believe me? Will you take the feds word for it?  Then look here: Their general reaction is, “Not on my porch!” I assure them that … Read More