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July 2013 • Southern Rural Route

You’ll remember Gene from The Melon Man, Garden Tip: Indoor Seed Starting, and Save Them Peels, Ma’am. He has a technique for picking a ripe melon. For starters, not every melon “slips” from the vine. A “slip” is when the melon slips from the vine leaving a concave depression in the melon where the stem was attached. Watermelon vines, originally from South Africa, do not slip … Read More

On June 15, I was invited to the Mandarin Garden Club’s July 20th “Organized Plant Exchange.” It was to have ten rounds of exchange. I wanted to participate in all ten rounds so I immediately began to look for plants that would meet their “rules.” I had two ‘Little Tiger’ hibiscus rooted the year before, two potted asparagus ferns (the birds keep dropping the seeds under my … Read More

Aegean Temple (Valley of the Daylilies) and Strawberry Candy (Ryder) did not bloom this year. Seductor (Smokeys) did but I didn’t happen to photograph it. The daylilies from Smokeys were from their bargain basement so they weren’t full-sized plants and few bloomed. This was my first foray into purchasing “named” daylilies. In other words, daylilies that have been registered … Read More

This is another one of those things that just doesn’t happen to normal people. I think my car has a haint. Now some of you fine folks who don’t talk like us Southerners may be unfamiliar with that term so let me explain.  Haint is a variation of haunt. If you’ve got a haint, you’ve got a ghost. Plain and simple, my car is haunted. As I explained in Duct Tape, I think my … Read More