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July 2012 • Southern Rural Route

I recently finished reading DIGGING DEEP: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening by Fran Sorin, a garden designer. I loved this book because it was about gardening and creativity. As I mentioned in a previous post, the subject of creativity has been dear to my heart for 20+ years. Digging Deep was divided into seven stages starting with Imagining and Envisioning … Read More

I found another garden marker idea on Page 86 and 89 of the April 2012 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. In the article, Donna Drago placed 5 or 6 foot tall unpainted wooden stakes in her square foot garden. Each stake had a whimsical lime green dowel cap on top. Just below the dowel cap, she wrote the name of the plant. I knew the wooden stake was a bad idea for my neck of … Read More

Give me a moment to rant: Thanks to Wall Street’s hijinks, I have worked all of 6 weeks since August 2009. I place the blame for our financial meltdown on all of corporate America because of the bribes they pay our political leaders to acquire legislation favorable to their goals. Any legislation favoring corporations generally is not in the best interest of the rest of us. As … Read More

Unlike most people who obtain an amaryllis bulb as a gift, I do not grow my amaryllis in pots. Mine have been planted in the ground in front of my deck/porch for more than twenty years. It’s a wonder they bloom at all because they are not planted with the top third of the bulb exposed. They might have started out that way but are now buried under inches and inches of leaf … Read More

I now have my very own photo of this crustacean, the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper. He was sitting at my front steps on top of my hibiscus  as big and audacious as you please. The nerve. I reached inside my front door to grab my camera off the floor. I don’t dare leave the camera on the porch when I’m outside because my cat, Big Foot, likes to spray everything in sight. I got as … Read More

There’s not much I can grow in Florida’s heat during July and August, sometimes September. I can grow peas, however, as they love the heat. On Monday, my good friend Evie, and her wonderful sister-in-law Shorty, came to help me weed a few rows for peas. If it wasn’t for that dadburn dollar weed, my weeding situation would not be so difficult. Evie must not have liked plowing a … Read More