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January 2015 • Southern Rural Route

Originating in China, Rainbow Fern or Rainbow Moss, Selaginellaceae uncinata, is also known as Peacock Fern, Peacock Moss, Peacock Spikemoss, or Blue Spikemoss. Apparently, the 700 species of Selaginella can have 3 or more different names for each species. For my memory-impaired brain, it will always be a Rainbow Fern because it was identified as such when I first discovered it … Read More

Back in 2013, at Chicken News, I explained that Poppie (and truthfully, some of my other relatives as well) seemed to hold the view that I orbit a crooked moon. I have several friends who admit to orbiting that same moon right along with me. I don’t feel bad about that as I had nothing to do with whatever craziness caused their orbit. They hung themselves on that moon all by … Read More

I have used this lawn chair a handful of times. One of those times was at the Mandarin Garden Club where, when I pried myself out of it, the handle broke. I went to one more function at the garden club with another lawn chair from the Southern Rural Route. The seating angle of that one was all wrong for my back injuries and I ceased to attend garden club functions. I was … Read More

When I first started this blog three years ago in mid-December 2011, I didn’t expect anyone to read it except a few friends of mine. Until, of course, they got bored since many of them did not garden. Imagine my surprise as my page views began to climb over the years. It was a hot diggity moment when Southern Rural Route passed the 50,000 page views mark on December 19, … Read More