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January 2014 • Southern Rural Route

I got a new purse. It falls under the category, It Caught My Eye, and I simply must show it to you. I can’t help myself. I’m like a two-year-old with this new purse. I don’t know whether it’s channeling my inner Injun, hippie or motorcycle mama. Truth be told, though, I have never wanted to stand anywhere near a motorcycle. With time to kill, I wandered into Stein Mart figuring … Read More

I was trying to get dressed to go to work. I work all of four weeks a year and even that is hard on my back. It was a tad chilly, too. So I get out of the shower, flip the switch for the exhaust fan, walk into the powder room and turn the little ceramic space heater on. I had a fleeting moment when it occurred to me it might not be a good idea to run both of those at the same … Read More

As I aimed the container of hairspray at the top of my head, I noticed that I could see more scalp than I remembered. “Gosh, I hope I’m not going bald. Alopecia is not yet in style for women like it is for men.” All week, I continued to fret over those bare spots each time I stood in front of a mirror. One cold morning, I never quite woke to the world of the living. Whiskey, … Read More

I wanted a laptop a year or so ago, could not afford one, and my lovely niece gave me a hand-me-down-laptop. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ability to surf the ‘net from the comfort of my bed. For quite a while, I couldn’t pull up crucial screens in WordPress on the laptop but could on my big computer. I asked my brother to look at the laptop Friday. He decided it was a Chrome … Read More

From the beginning of this blog, it should have been obvious to you that I am one sparkler short of a genuine firecracker. I’m assuming this since my family and friends reminded me of the fact way too often. Worst of all, I think Momma was right. I ain’t got a lick ‘a common sense. It was Sunday night, December 29. I was cruising the posts on the only “secret” Facebook group to … Read More

The other day, I was reading about creativity on Charlie’s blog, Seattle Trekker, which had a link to another article entitled, “101 Tips on How to Become More Creative.” Number 6 on the tip list suggested “create the dumbest idea you can.” I snorted. I do not have to create dumb ideas because dumb stuff tracks me down like an angry tornado intent on wrangling with an old … Read More