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January 2012 • Southern Rural Route

The current issue of Mother Earth News magazine (Feb./Mar. 2012) has a Small-Space Gardening article by Roger Doiron, the founder of Kitchen Gardeners International ( The article referenced Doiron’s film, A Subversive Plot: How to Grow A Revolution in Your Own Backyard as “an inspirational speech about the powerful act of growing food” but the link was bad. I think I … Read More

Poppie has been fussing about the feral cats and cats that just show up in the neighborhood. He forgets that one night Hobo, a black and white cat, showed up on his back porch peering in the French doors at him and Poppie took him in. Thus, the problem. Hobo, in paying it forward, adopts these cats and brings them up to Poppie’s back porch to be fed. Hobo’s latest adoptee is … Read More

I thought you’d like to revisit the green onions from the grocery store that I planted a month ago. They have grown enough for another harvesting. Also notice my nice black compost beneath the onion pot. I am a big fan of composting. This is the seed tray after seven and a half days. Almost everything has sprouted. A few peppers are holding out for warmer weather. I still … Read More

I got these foam pots at Dollar General a couple of years ago for $6 each. I don’t remember what year, exactly, but I believe it was before Dollar General’s ownership was transferred in 2007.  You will note that the passage of time, and probably wild animals, have taken their toll on the foam pots. Prior to the Crash of ’08, I would have likely trashed these pots and … Read More

Would you look at this? I’ve got sprouts! I know they are hard to see but there are fifteen sprouts of tomatoes that showed up Wednesday night. This is the seed tray that was planted around noon on Saturday at the Duval County Extension class. Four days later, sprouts! Amazing. I haven’t even gone to the store yet to get a grow light so I’ve put them on the porch in the early … Read More

On Saturday, I took another one of those wonderful classes from the Duval County Extension Office in preparation for my Spring 2012 veggie garden. You can purchase starter plants from the plant nursery but you will be limited to their selections. To have a wider choice of varieties, you must grow your own starter plants from seed (except for those varieties that must be sown … Read More

Karen Wassmer, a native Floridian, followed her husband to Fort Ord, California, where he was stationed in the Army. It was there that Karen read about the dying art of beekeeping that began her fascination about becoming a beekeeper. Finding herself back in Jacksonville to care for her sick mother, the two of them were sitting under a holly tree with thousands of honey bees … Read More