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A friend of mine forwarded some photographs her son had taken in Texas, where he lives, and I got permission to share this one with you.  Apparently, it is very common to see old cars sitting out in the Texas fields. This one just happens to be surrounded by blooms of Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush. … Read More

Look what the Grande Poobah sent me for Christmas! When I opened the box, there were a number of individually wrapped presents. This was the second gift I opened because it was squishy. I wondered if I had been gifted with the ubiquitous old lady sweater OR — ohmygosh, could it be possible — one of her handcrafted quilts. You should have heard the squeal when a quilt popped … Read More

I went into Halls Ace Hardware in search of their red trash can. Our trash can with red paint on one side was beyond repair. A while back, the City requested that at least one of our trash cans have red on it to help the sanitation engineers see down our dead-street to determine whether or not we had landscape debris for pick up. I’m happy to oblige because I want the stuff to … Read More

I got a new purse. It falls under the category, It Caught My Eye, and I simply must show it to you. I can’t help myself. I’m like a two-year-old with this new purse. I don’t know whether it’s channeling my inner Injun, hippie or motorcycle mama. Truth be told, though, I have never wanted to stand anywhere near a motorcycle. With time to kill, I wandered into Stein Mart figuring … Read More

Found this on the way to the butcher’s shop yesterday and went back today with my camera. Hindsight being what it is, I should have taken the shot from the other side of that Chevy truck. Santa’s sleigh is E-M-P-T-Y and what kind of reindeer is pulling the sleigh? Flamingeer? A Florida thing, I guess, but, for sure, it caught my eye. Today is Southern Rural Route’s second … Read More

On the way to the butcher’s shop, this caught my eye — an immaculately kept home with colorful petunia window boxes. My photos don’t do it justice. Here’s a view of most of the house. A sun room is hidden behind the palm tree. Both the grass and that oak tree in front of the middle window box will green up more as it gets warmer. Here’s the sun room that was hidden … Read More

I have not been in the garden. Daytime temps in Florida have remained in the 40s and 50s and in the 30’s at night. Being a weenie when the humidity freezes, I am not encouraged to wander outside to trip over an Adventure in Dirt. This resulted in nothing to report until I went into the craft store, A. C. Moore. I was there at the prodding of my friend, The Grande Poobah, who … Read More