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Also in Momma’s Wildflower Bed:   You can see an older planting of caladiums I purchased in bulk from a South Florida caladium farm at Home Ownership and Family Compounds. Update: In the comments, a question was raised about digging up caladiums at the end of the growing season. I have never done this. Too lazy, I guess. I leave them in the ground and a scattering … Read More

Momma’s Wildflower Bed sat unloved for several years because Poppie passed two years after Momma. A double whammy. This is the first year I have done anything with Momma’s Wildflower Bed. Momma named it the Wildflower Bed but nowadays it has very few wildflowers. This spring I did a lot of work in the front of the Wildflower Bed including copying Meta’s idea of a path bordered … Read More

Daylilies are perennials considered to be evergreen, semi-evergreen or dormant. The foliage of evergreen daylilies stays green all year. Semi-evergreen has foliage that can be evergreen or dormant depending on the garden location where it is grown. Dormant foliage dies back in the winter and reappears in the spring. From central to south Florida, a dormant daylily may not … Read More

The North Florida Daylily Society went on a daylily buying trip Saturday, June 10, and I went with them. Initially, I did not plan to go because I don’t do well in the heat but Martha and the cloudy/rainy/cooler weather we have had changed my mind. Dormant daylilies do not do particularly well in Florida although some of us stubbornly try to grow them. This is where modern … Read More

Remember that big box of plant loot I got from Meta’s? Need to refresh your memory, it’s the last photo here. I saw her on a Thursday and I planted the daylilies on Saturday. I cut off all but 3 inches of the daylily tops so they wouldn’t have to support all that foliage while re-establishing their roots. There were so many daylilies in that copy paper box, I dug 27 holes and … Read More

My friend Lam shared several different kinds of bulbs with me a while back and I planted all of them in the same area. A few days ago, as I was leaving the Southern Rural Route, I discovered this yellow Spider Lily blooming where I had planted her bulbs. It really catches your eye better than this photograph indicates. … Read More