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February 2014 • Southern Rural Route

You will recall from an earlier post, Am I Going Bald?, that Whiskey the cat would lean off my headboard and grab a mouthful of my hair for a yank. This is the headboard, which has two mirrors behind it.  The mirrors are supported by two tier cabinets and a light bridge for two indoor floodlights. I purchased this unit 30 years old and although it has a few scratches, my … Read More

Via Facebook, I discovered a Minneapolis blogger by the name of Amy Andrychowicz who had an eggs-cellent idea for using eggshells as organic pest control. Basically, she suggests grinding them up and applying them to your vegetables at ground level and on the leaves to control all manner of bugs and beetles we don’t want on our veggies. I encourage you to visit her blog to get … Read More

I have an update to Lam’s entrance into the World of Suburban Chickens which I previously covered in Chickens and Chicken News. Lam persisted with leash training her two chickens and reports progress. The two chickens are not fighting and cursing her as much. Instead, they fix her with “epic stink eye.” Lam acquired an H-style small dog harness which she loosened to the … Read More

Last year I purchased a pair of pink gloves in Dollar Tree that seemed to be made out of knit with the palm side having little “grabber dots”. They held up better than your average el cheapo garden glove through spring, summer, fall and winter. One of the gloves did spring a leak where the knit cuff connected to the glove but I always washed them after each gardening adventure … Read More

Bolting occurs when vegetable crops prematurely start to flower. Bolting is triggered by (1) cold spells at particular stages in growth cycle, (2) changes in day length, (3) warmer temperatures and longer days as crops close in on their maturity date or (4) stressors such as insufficient water or minerals. Plants prone to bolting are broccoli, collards, lettuce, spinach and … Read More

This is one of the plants I purchased in a nursery in Atlanta when visiting my sister. It has no better identification than “Rex Begonia” which is totally inept, in my humble opinion. Look up Rex Begonia on Google Images and you will find countless dozens of fancy begonias. This one looks like an anemic version of ‘Fireworks’ that might color up this spring when I am able to … Read More