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February 2013 • Southern Rural Route

Melon Man Gene is here to explain his method of starting vegetable seeds indoors. His gardening techniques have appeared in two earlier posts — The Melon Man and Save Them Peels, Ma’am.  Gene has traditional commercial farmers in his lineage. Gene did not follow that path and, like me, he often figures things out by trial and error. He admits to a lot of failures but learns a … Read More

I may not know everything I should know to be out here writing a garden blog but one of my goals, all along, was to write about the things I had to figure out the hard way because no one else had put it on the internet. I had been blogging about six weeks when I took on the subject of hand plows not being called hand plows on the internet. Overnight, I became the world-wide … Read More

With temps in the mid-20’s for two nights in a row, I haven’t slept well. Whiskey the Cat insists on sleeping indoors on cold nights. He does not have the decency to sleep on the floor or even, Heaven forbid, the sofa. Nosireebob, he wants to sleep in my bed, preferably velcroed to my various body parts. You would think that with all my tossing, turning and yanking of covers … Read More

I have now made three purchases through Craigslist. The Craigslist Free section was a different story. I have watched the Free section on a daily basis for a long time. The problem with the Free section is that people post their free stuff the day after they wanted it gone. The rest of it falls into the “curb alert” category making every freebie a race with the garbage … Read More

In 2009 I became a  statistic — one of the millions of Americans whose job was gobbled up in the Great Recession. In the Spring of 2011, I was in a car accident that messed up my neck, shoulders and back. In therapy three days a week, I stopped looking for work. I don’t remember when but I discovered Poverty, USA was the happiest place I had ever lived.  Having fewer dollars … Read More

You’ve seen those tiny warnings on prescription bottles: “may cause drowsiness, “do not operate machinery.” I never particularly thought of them as common sense warnings for life — “if drowsy, do not operate machinery.”  Sigh. Momma always claimed I never had a lick of common sense and she’s probably shakin’ her head all the way up there in Heaven. It started with two days of … Read More

Here’s another one for the category, It Caught My Eye. The Grande Poobah sent me these photos of her handmade quilts. The first one is my favorite because of all the colors. … Read More