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December 2014 • Southern Rural Route

I wanted a shower head like my sister, Miss Priss, has in her basement bathroom. Being the odd relative, I am never allowed to stay on the main floor. I don’t mind being hidden away in the basement because I really like that shower head. It’s one of those fancy jobs with a hose wand that can be lifted out of the bracket. Having suffered yet another birthday in late November, I … Read More

Look what the Grande Poobah sent me for Christmas! When I opened the box, there were a number of individually wrapped presents. This was the second gift I opened because it was squishy. I wondered if I had been gifted with the ubiquitous old lady sweater OR — ohmygosh, could it be possible — one of her handcrafted quilts. You should have heard the squeal when a quilt popped … Read More

What you see here is the very last of my 2014 crop of Meyer Lemons from my two-year-old tree. You will recall from Dingbat Certificate that I had a whopping crop of 3 lemons. I still haven’t eaten it. Being the very last one, it must, for a while, be visually savored each time I open the ‘fridge door.   … Read More

I know I mentioned in Do Not Operate Machinery and probably a few other posts that Momma always said I didn’t have a lick o’ common sense. Momma had common sense. Poppie has common sense. For me, it’s just not there. The obvious is never obvious to me. Momma left for God’s greener pastures almost two years ago and I now cook dinner for Poppie and I. On the days my agenda is … Read More

I’m so sad. Zorro, my beloved baby kitten, now almost 5 months old, wants to be an outdoor kitty. I wanted him to be an indoor-only kitty. We have been in a battle over this for some time. I relented a few weeks ago when he almost drove me nuts (well, more so than usual) with his howling demands to go out. The other day I needed to go outside and tried to throw one of his … Read More