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December 2013 • Southern Rural Route

Mr. Beekeeper’s son brought me a half dozen eggs in early December. I learned that this time around, the chickens were his rather than Mr. Beekeeper’s. All of the eggs were those beautiful brown eggs we don’t see much of anymore unless we pay extra. However, I almost needed a hatchet from the garage in order to break them open. I was so surprised at this I mentioned it to … Read More

Armitage’s Garden Perennials, Second Edition by Allan M. Armitage (Timber Press, 2011) is a great A to Z perennial reference and picture book (1300 photos) of 136 genera from Acanthus to Zephyranthes. It has a page or two of descriptive text for each perennial (including growing zone information) as well as the botanical and common names of perennials. What I found most … Read More

Found this on the way to the butcher’s shop yesterday and went back today with my camera. Hindsight being what it is, I should have taken the shot from the other side of that Chevy truck. Santa’s sleigh is E-M-P-T-Y and what kind of reindeer is pulling the sleigh? Flamingeer? A Florida thing, I guess, but, for sure, it caught my eye. Today is Southern Rural Route’s second … Read More

It’s time to revisit the sago palm because two of ours are producing seeds right now. Again, ours have the female reproductive structure and out of it will come new leaves. See more great photos at Wikipedia (scroll to the bottom).   Gardenofeaden has a better photo of the sago palm seeds and explains how to start your own sago palm seeds.   … Read More

Rather than purchase an expensive macro lens for your old SLR or newer DSLR camera, buy an accessory known variously as a close-up filter, close-up lens, macro filter or diopter. These screw-on lenses attach to the front of the lens or lens adapter to extend the close-up range of a camera (I don’t know whether or not they can be used on digital point-and-shoot cameras). The … Read More