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December 2012 • Southern Rural Route

Janisse Ray’s new book, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2012) has an important message. She says it’s not enough to grow our own vegetable gardens. We need to plant open-pollinated seeds, save them and share them because our “food supply is being stolen from us” by corporations determined to control the world’s seed supply. Ray … Read More

In 2011, my white onion crop was disheartening to downright dismal because I planted them before I took the onion growing class with the Duval County Extension Agent. In that class, I learned it is critical NOT to plant onions too deep because they will not form a bulb if too deep. We were taught to plant them no deeper than the first joint on our thumb. Onion transplants … Read More

Today is the Southern Rural Route’s first birthday. In an email dated October 6, 2011, the Mad Tattah asked me, “Have you given any thought to starting your own blog?” I admitted that it had never crossed my mind until she started to blog. Only after learning of her blog did I begin to “toy” with the idea of writing a gardening blog despite having no clue what I was doing in my … Read More

Here and there, I have read what you can do with celery after it loses its oomph. For instance, one source said you could cut the stalk down to a three inch nub and use the cut end as a rubber stamp. Well now, I have been a rubber stamping enthusiast for 22 years and while I own a rubber stamp or two (understatement of the year, bwahahahahaha), I did not have a stamp resembling … Read More

Okay, I’ll confess. Before I followed P. Allen Smith’s advice to make myself a composter out of a trash can, I was guilty of opening the back door and throwing stuff in the bushes. How long this went on while I worried over fashioning myself a composter is not the issue. The issue is exactly what went out the back door into the bushes – broccoli stalks, peelings, watermelon … Read More