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August 2014 • Southern Rural Route

I am not a fan of morning glory vines because they are invasive. I took this photo in early June of last year when I was visiting Lam. Today I dropped by to leave something for her and she happened to be there. We went around back and I saw this morning glory vine again. It had completely obliterated one side of the wooden fence. If anyone knows the name of this morning glory, … Read More

The last time I called for eggs, Mrs. Beekeeper told me that Junior got rid of the hens to go mountain climbing or some such event. I don’t remember, exactly.  She mentioned that Junior kept the rooster because it was “a good guard dog.” I almost choked. I’m sure I gasped. That rooster’s inner clock is on the fritz and he crows not only at sunrise but all day long. However, … Read More

In Garden Tip-Compact Way To Save Seeds, I shared with you Tonya’s notebook method for saving seeds. Not everyone can cram all their saved seeds into a notebook so I am offering you another idea. Dawn Endle, a fellow subscriber to The Plants Exchange on Facebook may have the ultimate in seed storage. Dawn stores her seeds and annual bulbs in a plastic storage unit which she … Read More

Linda Cunningham wanted to compare one of my plants to hers because mine had a different name. So I took some cuttings which I put in a bucket of water to keep them from melting before I could get to her house. I belted the bucket into the front seat beside me to avoid any unwanted adventures on the way over there. I should have known it was impossible to avoid an adventure. … Read More

Even in death, what beauty to behold. I found this Luna Moth lying out in the grass today with much of its color leached out. Notice the brown margins at the top of the wings and the two “eyes” curling just below it, the two round circles in the lower wings and the delicate line covering the sides of all four wings. It almost looks like a delicate Chinese painting. My photo … Read More

I think we should add a new word to the English lexicon that would combine the words cat and crap. Twitter users would then have a hashtag — #ohcrat — for stories about their beloved cats. One of my cats lives permanently with Poppie because my other cat, Whiskey, is a bully. I bear all the expenses of cat ownership but visit with Big Foot only when I cook dinner for Poppie. … Read More

I guess the heat doesn’t bother Lynn’s hubby, Terry. In the dog days of a Florida summer, he took on a Do-It-Yourself project at the entryway of his and Lynn’s home. I’m giving him a round of applause for making such a nice entryway in 100 degree weather. The heat has been bothering me so much that I’ve taken up cussin’ again. Not just one cuss word but three of them strung … Read More