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April 2015 • Southern Rural Route

This is a public service announcement about trying to insure housing in rural areas. I live in a 1989 custom-ordered Palm Harbor mobile home at the halfway mark of Momma and Poppie’s two acres. It is not luxurious but it has been adequate, affordable housing for 25 years. Following the 1992 massacre of mobile homes during Hurricane Andrew, most mobile home insurers pulled out … Read More

    Raise your hand if you can relate to Ernest Hemingway’s quote! My friend Ginny sent me this card saying “you are in that place at the moment.” Sheesh, the gal has known me for nigh onto 20 years and is well aware that my life is always trying to fall apart on me. For the most part, I don’t invite drama into my life. Stuff just happens. Like Hemmingway, I tend … Read More

This rose bush was just a stick when given to me by a lovely lady at the Mandarin Garden Club. … Read More

Poppie went in for back surgery on January 20, 2015. About a month later, he was readmitted to the hospital because he had a 4 inch square knot above the incision that was leaking spinal fluid. He was readmitted a third time on February 27 for spinal leakage. On February 28 he died because of numerous errors in a hospital that has very high ratings despite family members being … Read More