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April 2014 • Southern Rural Route

Chinese Wisteria, wisteria sinensis, had very obviously “escaped cultivation” in Atlanta. It was blooming beautifully and roping its way through the tree tops everywhere you looked. Tarzan would have loved it! … Read More

I thought I’d show you a few photographs I took today at the Mandarin Garden Club plant sale. Other vendors were there, too — a sketch artist, glass ornaments, jewelry, some really cute garden aprons, barbecue, and others. Hang on to yer britches! I’ve got some garden info on this purty pink thang known as a Supertunia. I was excited to hear what Susan W. of … Read More

Continuing with my show and tell from the Atlanta Botanical Garden and Callaway Gardens, I offer you a number of photos.  They grow rhododendrons rather than azaleas.           … Read More

You will recall from my earlier post, What Is THAT?, it was my opinion that Red Russian Kale was a vegetable belonging to the Most Beautiful family of veggies. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is apparently in agreement with me. Here, they interplanted purple tulips with Red Russian Kale and somewhere else they had interplanted it with a white blooming plant.   These next … Read More

Poppie and I headed to Atlanta to see Miss Priss and her husband, arriving on Thursday, April 10. The next day we made another trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to revel in the blooming glory of Spring. Confession time. I am SERIOUSLY in love with Pansies and Violas. I happen to hate the name “Viola,” preferring “Johnny Jump-ups” but no one contacted me about a proposed … Read More

I’ve been out of town for several days and look what I came home to — a whole row of my red and white striped amaryllis in bloom. … Read More

A cousin of mine shared a few of his huge pink and white amaryllis bulbs after I admired them with great longing. … Read More