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April 2013 • Southern Rural Route

I heard from Linda Cunningham who said I seemed to have “confused” Catnip with Catmint which are two different plants. Well gee, I live in a confused state so this came as no surprise. Still, I had to prove to myself that I was confused by checking the label that was in her pot. Sure enough, Catnip. I’m always hopeful that, once in a while, I’m not confused. Cunningham also … Read More

This month I have been to two garden club plant sales and I wanted to show you my haul. Or loot. On April 6, 2013, I went to the Jacksonville Garden Club’s Blooms Galore & More sale in our historic Riverside neighborhood. I added these two to my Bromeliad Garden: Plus this Angel Wing Begonia (on left) and a Toad Lily (on right). I had been patiently lusting after a Toad … Read More

I just want to do a little farmin’ and the neighbors are trying to turn our hillbilly neighborhood into a resort. It was okay that Mr. Golf Cart had a golf cart; it was just a strange quirk of his personality. But now, by golly, The Hippy done gone and got himself (note to foreign readers: this is really bad English but represents hillbilly slang) his own golf cart. Golf … Read More

I planted Silver Queen Hybrid corn seeds (Ferry-Morse) on April 5. The photo below was taken April 17 when they were about two inches high. I just wanted you to know what corn looks like when it sprouts out of the ground. … Read More

Poppie’s got some nerve calling me up hollering about MY weeds when he hasn’t mowed in a month of Sundays.   … Read More

No one wants to hear, “You’ve got bad breath,” or “You stink,” right? I especially did not want to hear “You’ve got weeds!” when I knew durn tootin’ well that I had weeds. Yet that is just what Poppie said to me on the phone. Followed by “Why aren’t you out in the yard?” Of all people, he has seen me grimace to get out of a chair, all bent over, then slowly, mechanically, try … Read More