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April 2012 • Southern Rural Route

Please let me apologize to all my blog readers who I emailed in the last few months. I was recently infected by a key generator virus that arrived by email and reproduced itself to everyone in my contacts and everyone in the Auto-Complete. I have one of those “free” email accounts that does not allow me to turn off Auto-Complete. Yet, in terms of spam protection, it is the … Read More

Earliest reviews on this were on Amazon in spring 2011 when it was available for less than $20. This year, the price at one of the big box home improvement stores had soared to a whopping $24.97. I gotta tell you, that price righteously offended me, however, I bought it anyway and sulked about it for two weeks. I even left the stickers on it so that I could take it back if the … Read More

There are approximately 80 to 100 feet between my front door and Momma’s back door. Having no desire to meet the boogeyman face-to-face, more often than not, I lock my door when I go down to Momma’s. My keychain ends up on her kitchen counter. The other day, the keychain became a source of controversy, maybe disgust, for Momma. Time and illness have stolen some of Momma’s short … Read More

We’re having Bark Appreciation Day on the Southern Rural Route. The bark that grows on trees. For your benefit, I got up close and personal with all these trees. Let’s get started. Almost looks like tire tread, doesn’t it? The tree stands in the church yard where I go for Bible Study. I don’t actually attend church because they want you to stand up and sit down too … Read More

I have days, like this guy, when I wonder where I left my head. The one with a brain in it.  As it has become a political habit to blame the other guy, let me do the same. It’s the fault of the stingy seed companies. Most gardeners don’t want to admit having a gambling addiction but, let’s face it. Every seed we pat into the soil is a gamble. Like playing the lottery or … Read More

Four white amaryllis with red stripes blooming at once on one stalk. I gotta save seeds from this. It would be nice to have more blooms with this color combination. This is 2012’s first squash, Zephyr F1, compliments of a seed starting class with the Extension Agent. I am providing this picture of your average tomato bloom. I put my grubby little hand behind it for … Read More

You will recall that I live on a family compound. Yesterday, I walked up on an axe in one of Poppie’s buckets that was filled with water. A dirty bucket of water. I thought to myself, “What’s he trying to do? Rust the axe?” So I asked. It seems that the axe head was loose and he was soaking it for a little while to swell the wood to make the axe tighter on the handle. So I … Read More